June 21, 2024

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Statement from SGA at RCC re:Police Brutality incident on campus

United We Stand Against Police Brutality
       As a representative of the Student Government Association at Roxbury Community College, I personally denounce the brutality and the absolute act of barbarism displayed by the cops that arrested a 16-year old boy on RCC campus on Friday Nov. 22, 2010. I am not commenting on the reason for the arrest, but rather on the approach. The excessive force, punching, and kneeing used on this young boy, even after he had been subdued were crude, unfair, and unnecessary. It is disheartening to know that many police officers, among whom are those that were involved in this arrest, still fail to understand that in their quest to preserving public safety and peaceful community coexistence, the society expect them to act more diplomatically. I adore the courage of my fellow student that took the video footage of this ugly incident. Without her effort, these abusers in uniforms and the Boston Police Department, as usual, would have furnished the public with their diluted and unfairly tailored version of the incident.
         Also clearly important is the need to stress that the entire student community of Roxbury Community College feel disrespected by this incident for the very fact that this untamed police brutality took place on our campus. These cops came in, unleashed their viciousness, and walked out. The fact that this institution is a predominantly black community should not make the Boston Police Department or any society member, no matter how highly or lowly placed, to think that we do not deserve to be accounted for. If this had happened on the private property of a  predominantly white community institution, I am absolutely positive that Michael T. McManus and the rest of his untamed team would have been cautious of how they unleashed the brutality that have overshadowed their mental faculty.
        As the voice of the entire student of Roxbury Community College, I assert that we deserve the right to feel secure on our campus. Even though the young boy in question is not a student of RCC, the fact that this ferocious attack took place on our campus gives us no choice than to proudly stand with our fellow student that took the video footage of the occurrence to condemn the continuous perpetuation of police brutality in the society. Our support for her is unquestionably essential because if we decide to keep quiet because the boy in question is not a fellow student. We might not have the courage to stand up for our fellow colleague in the future if this was to happen to them. We might not have the courage to discourage police brutality in the society, especially black dominated communities. This, we believe is what it means to make a difference, and this we all proudly stand up for.

   Tajudeen J Akinbode.

  On behalf of the Student Government Association of RCC and the entire student community it governs.

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  1. Jamarhl Crawford


    I applaud the courage of this young man and the SGA of RCC for making this statement. Particularly in light of the abscense of the voices of prominent "Community Leaders", organizations and Clergy. Our Youth is our future and the future of the Movement.