Slave Master Street Names

All The Below info is taken from the book:
The Hidden History of Massachusetts – A Guide for Black Folks 

Do yourself a favor and get a copy. This book is a true blessing for us BlackStonians who want to know our history as a tool of making change happen.

Joseph Warren
Warren Street
Adams, John

Adams Street

Samuel Adams
Sam Adams School East Boston
John Quincy Adams
Town of Quincy, Adams Nat’l Historical Park (Quincy)
Louis Agassiz
Agassiz School Jamaica Plain
Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson Street
Sir Jeffrey Amherst
Town of Amherst , Amherst College
James Bowdoin & Joshua Bowdoin
Bowdoin Street
Dr. Zabdiel Boylston
Boylston Street, Boylston Mass
George Washington
Washington Street
Francis Parkman
Parkman House
Moses Maimonides
Moses Maimonides School in Brookline
Grover Cleveland
Grover Cleveland School Dorchester
John Codman
Codman Square
Christopher Columbus
Columbus Avenue
James Madison
Madison Park High School
Joseph Dudley
Dudley Street, Dudley Square, Town of Dudley
Jon Eliot
Eliot Square, Eliot Street, Eliot School
Emerson Ralph Waldo
Emerson Ralph Waldo School Roxbury
Edward Everett
Everett Square, City of Everett, Everett Elementary School
Abraham Lincoln
The Lincoln Freedman Memorial
Ben Franklin
Franklin Park, Franklin Mass
Alexander Hamilton
Hamilton School Brighton
John Hancock
Hancock Mass
Joseph Peabody
Peabody Mass
Cotton Mather
Mather School
John Winthrop
Winthrop Mass Winthrop Street
William Pepperel
Pepperel Mass
John Rowe
Rowes Wharf
Josiah Quincy I
Robert Gould Shaw
The Shaw School West Roxbury
William Stoughton
Stoughton Mass
Charles Sumner
Sumner School, Sumner Tunnel
William H. Taft
Taft Middle School Brighton
Woodrow Wilson
Wilson Middle School Dorchester
Thomas Boylston & Joshua Boylston
John Cabot & George Cabot
Cabot Street
Colonel Henry Bromfield
Bromfield Street
Ebenezer Dorr
Dorr Street
Peter Faneuil
Faneuil Hall
Richard Lechmere
Lechmere Square
Jonathan Jackson
Jackson Square
Roger Ludlow
Ludlow Mass
Samuel Maverick
Maverick Square East Boston
Edward Ruggles
Ruggles Square, Ruggles Street
The Whitney family
Whitney Street
Gordon Saltonstall
Saltonstall Building
Jonathan Seaver
Seaver Street


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