June 21, 2024

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District 7 Special Election Candidates: The fight to replace Chuck Turner


The Blackstonian has compiled the most up-to-date listing for all the candidates who are in the running for the District 7 City Council seat formerly held by Chuck Turner.

Editor’s Note: The Blackstonian has given brief descriptions based on our knowledge of the names, these descriptions are neither an endorsement or a condemnation, simply to provide you with some basic information for your own research.

Candidates are currently gathering signatures to appear on the ballot for preliminary elections to be held on Feb. 15th. After the preliminary, the top 2 remaining candidates will face off in the final election to be held on March 15th.


1. Abdillahi Mash Abdirahman (Owner of Butterfly Cafe @Roxbury Crossing)

2. Anthony Baker

3. Lee Buckley

4. Natalie E. Carithers (Former Chief of Staff for State Rep. Willie Mae Allen)

5. Althea Garrison (perennial Candidate for City Council and State Rep.)

6. Tito Jackson (Former Campaign Aide, Gov. Deval Patrick, son of Herb “Kwaku Zulu” Jackson)

7. Roy Owens (perennial Candidate for City Council)

8. Sheneal Parker

9. David James Wyatt (Former candidate for City Council)

10. Cornell Mills (Former DA Investigator, Realtor, Entrepreneur, son of Senator Dianne Wilkerson)

11. Carla M. Johnson

12. Danielle Renee Williams

13. Kevin A. Dwire

14. James Carr

15. Charles Omekagu Williams

16. Candace Sealey, Former district liaison for U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano


**Haywood Fennell, Sr. (Author, Playwright, Veteran Affairs Activist)
While Haywood Fennell is not on the list of people who have already pulled nomination papers, The Blackstonian just received a message today stating:
It is my intention on December 27th to file papers at the Elections Dept. City of Boston to file as a candidate for Boston City Councilor for the 7th District. I believe that the last 15 years of service work qualifies me, but more importantly, I know that it has been and continues to be your prayers and the prayers of others that has allowed me to serve my community and the folks that live in District 7.
A more formal notice will be forth coming.

**Hassan Williams, who ran in a Democratic primary against state Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz.

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  1. the zak

    Boston City Council candidates need to list their a) addresses for email and b) weblinks with the City of Boston so folks can send along questions, feedback, comment, suggestions. Even though the Election Commission doesn't ask candidates need to include the information. This encourages greater participation !

  2. the zak

    What happened to the potential candidacy of Gerard Kyle Hurley for Boston City Council ?… More candidates need to be encouraged !