June 23, 2024

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Blackstonian Presents the Archie Bunker Award to Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association

The Blackstonian would like to present the Archie Bunker award for foreward thought and outstanding achievement in intellekchewalism to
The Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association
The Pax Centurion
Editor James Carnell
Editor’s Note: I couldn’t find a photo anywhere of James Carnell, which may be a blessing if his physical appearance is as ugly as his thoughts and attitude or perhaps he has cracked too many lenses in his day so let’s just imagine him… think Half Elmer Fudd and 3/4 Porky…. (yes I know the math is right)
The award is being made now it will be presented shortly it has taken us some time… you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to get a trophy fashioned into the shape of an anus.
Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association (BPPA)
The Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association which is Union for BPD Officers, the very same Union that has fought tooth and nail for well over a decade over every issue that came up for Affirmative Action or improvements in Hiring/Promotions within the BPD. They are the Union which has fought MAMLEO (Mass. Assoc. of Minority Law Enforcement Officials) at every juncture where equality and diversity was in question.
This is also the same Union which produces a racially charged and clearly uber-conservative publication which forces you to wax nostalgic about the Good Ole Days with the Good Ole Boys circa 1950 The Pax Centurion http://www.bppa.org/PAX/default.asp
If you go there right now you can find such intellectual insights and colorful terms like “yummie (young urban maggot)” which really can give you a perspective on the thought process of many of OUR “Public Servants” these are the people who are supposed to Serve and Protect us.
Or really just check this out from the Feb. Edition (ironically in Black History Month) where he calls the young teenage man brutalized by Police a “scumbag”
By Jim Carnell, Pax Editor
Many of us may have missed the Globe and Herald editions dated Jan. 23rd about
a rather unique and interesting exhibition by the staff of the Boston Police Academy designed for local politicians, media, and community activists. (“In defense of the proper use of force”, Boston Herald, Peter Gelzinis, 1-23-11, and “Police give lessons in how they use force”, Boston Globe, Maria Cramer, 1-23-11).
The exhibition was designed after much criticism was heaped upon the department
following a “You-tube” video which appeared on-line after the arrest of a young
scumbag who resisted arrest at Roxbury Community College last fall
Need More Proof of the infinite ability to promote stupidity?

In the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association newspaper, Pax Centurion, is a cartoon of President Obama dressed as a superhero dubbed “Obama Dog.’’ According to the Boston Globe, another page shows a picture of the First Couple, their left hands over their hearts, instead of their right, as they salute the flag. “Americans?!? Are they really?!?’

So Jeers to you…

It couldn’t be a more deserving award for a master of the asinine.

Please Join us in our Public Condemnation of these statements… check out these links.


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