June 18, 2024

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The Anti-Chuck

Editor’s Note:

Many of you by now may have read the Blackstonian People’s Report on Tito Jackson. I have received many, many comments about this article and I would say out of 100 or so comments to me personally, via email and phone, there were about 4 people who had problems with the report.  I told them as I tell everyone, If you have a problem then do the research and point out what is factually untrue.  Many of us may get emotional about some of the information contained therein, but it cannot be disputed based on merit and fact.

One significant emotional response has been…
“You are wrong for putting out this information on another Black Man”
This is a very destructive logic. So, the inference is because Tito and I are both Black Men his record and actions should not be questioned and challenged? That’s dangerous. I have no allegiance to color. My only allegiance is to Right versus Wrong, which is why I have called out Black Men who participate or contribute to any of the ills we are facing as a people. This is an open public political campaign and one in which is the District that I live in and have since I was born. I will not only exert my right to research, study and inform our people, I will defend it and there is nothing stopping you from doing your own research and prooving me factually wrong. I encourage and challenge you to do it and then you vote your conscience on March 15th.


Part 1 of this report contained a graph on where Tito is receiving his money.
This Chart shows where his money comes from.



A. This Chart shows where his money goes.

B. This Chart shows how much money has been spent
on his staffing and stipends from the campaign.
What does all of this mean for a Candidate who is campaigning as
the “Jobs” “Employment” “Economic Development” “Relationships to benefit District 7” candidate?

In my estimation it means that you can expect the same results indicated by the already proven results.


As we covered in Part I of the report
Tito has been endorsed by several unions and received money from unions, individuals and organizations which have historically been proven as the same entities who have prevented our community from achieving full access and equality.

Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association (BPPA)

The newest Addition to his endorsements is the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association which is the Union for BPD Officers, the very same Union that has fought tooth and nail for well over a decade over every issue that came up for Affirmative Action or improvements in Hiring/Promotions within the BPD. They are the Union which has fought MAMLEO (Mass. Assoc. of Minority Law Enforcement Officials) at every juncture where equality and diversity was in question.

This is also the same Union which produces a racially charged and clearly uber-conservative publication which forces you to wax nostalgic about the Good Ole Days with the Good Ole Boys circa 1950 The Pax Centurion http://www.bppa.org/PAX/default.asp
If you go there right now you can find such intellectual insights and colorful terms like “yummie (young urban maggot)” which really can give you a perspective on the thought process of many of OUR “Public Servants” these are the people who are supposed to Serve and Protect us and these are the same people who have endorsed Tito.

Or really just check this out from the Feb. Edition (ironically in Black History Month) where he calls the young teenage man brutalized by Police a “scumbag”

By Jim Carnell, Pax Editor

Many of us may have missed the Globe and Herald editions dated Jan. 23rd about
a rather unique and interesting exhibition by the staff of the Boston Police Academy designed for local politicians, media, and community activists. (“In defense of the proper use of force”, Boston Herald, Peter Gelzinis, 1-23-11, and “Police give lessons in how they use force”, Boston Globe, Maria Cramer, 1-23-11).
The exhibition was designed after much criticism was heaped upon the department
following a “You-tube” video which appeared on-line after the arrest of a young
scumbag who resisted arrest at Roxbury Community College last fall

Firefighters Local 718

This Firefighters Union has fought with axes and hoses against each and every attempt towards diversity.
They are the Union which has fought Boston Vulcans (Boston Black/Latino Firefighters) at every juncture where equality and diversity was in question.
Their reputation is so notorious one just need do a simple google search
“firefighters local 718 affirmative action”

IBEW Local 103

This union is a basic example of most unions who have fought diversity within their various professions. Whether it be Electrical Wo
rkers, Pipe Fitters, Carpenters, etc. etc. you will find that predominantly Black/Latino/Women have the most difficult time in terms of gaining employment, diversity, and equality in promotions and placement.

Bringing Big Corporations to Boston…
Constantly throughout the campaign, Tito has alluded to “2500” jobs he “created” for the State primarily with big tech companies like “Microsoft and Google” and although none of those jobs that came to the State made it to Roxbury and although Gov. Deval Patrick claims those same “2500” jobs, the true question is how many employment opportunities are available in those entities at all….
While Tito touts companies like Microsoft, who admittedly does some wonderful things locally, nationally and globally (foundations, donations, computer labs) we are not to think that there are not diversity problems even within the mighty corporate giant. So for District 7 the question becomes how many employment opportunities will open up beyond warehouse, etc.
Here is a record of at least one problem that may be indicative of potential problems for D7.
Microsoft Sued by Employees Over Racial Bias 01/03/2001


Same thing with Google, most big tech companies are sorely lacking African-American and Latino faces. Even in “Diversity” we are suspiciously missing. I did a pretty good searh you let me know when you find someone that looks like you or something that applies to you. Yeah. Google it.

Threats/Armed Security

To me this is possibly the most alarming part of this report. The Blackstonian has learned that Tito Jackson has hired armed security guards during this campaign.
“Heavyweight Security”  $100
We are not suggesting that this payment equals hours spent, but apparently the campaign has deemed it necessary to  hire armed guards (armed, witnessed by several people and no secret). The question here becomes, what does it mean for a candidate to have armed security in a district they are campaigning to represent?  As hated by powerful forces that Chuck Turner was he never had armed security.

The curious thing here is throughout District 7 we have alot of  impassioned people and some in varying mental health conditions who frequent major thoroughfares and some who attend public meetings.  When a candidate has armed security the implication is that if something “popped off” you could get shot. Thats a tad insensitive and probably not a “good look” in a community where we are trying to send a message that’s opposite of that. I don’t think this speaks to any “Gangster” mentality by the Jackson Campaign, in fact I think it speaks more to a fear of some very skewed realities of the same District 7 one would seek to represent. While this is a critical campaign and there have been heated debates, there is nothing here that would warrant having armed security in a local race like District 7… Deval before being Gov.. maybe.. after.. definitely… Obama.. before.. during.. after.. MOST DEFINITELY… but armed security in a District 7 race?

At last night’s RoxVote forum I had the opportunity to meet and speak to Mrs. Jackson, Tito’s Mother. I told her that I had heard she had concerns for her son’s safety. I told her that I knew and admired her husband Herb “Kwaku Zulu” Jackson and that no none of the Black Men I know and work with would harm Tito.  This after all is a Political Campaign and while we may have to discuss tough issues and have distinct differences this is not the type of campaign that should require armed security.

Throughout Busing, Charles Stuart I have never heard of a District 7 City Councilor or a Candidate who felt the need for armed security, it sends a message of fear of your own community and an unfair advantage to the elderly, women and youth who don’t have the luxury of purchasing security.

About The Author

The Blackstonian Community News Service - Black Boston 411 24/7. @Blackstonian on twitter. Like our page on Facebook.

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  1. shirley kressel

    Thank you for organizing an excellent forum on the government attack on black community leadership. I hope you will hold more public meetings on this subject, and get more people to come through a public education campaign. The information Dianne Wilkerson brought forth was astounding and alarming, and should be researched further by the community.

    I also appreciate your courage in treating all political figures, white or black, honestly. The sad fact is that the black community cannot count on officials to protect its interests just because they are black (just as whites can't depend on whites). We've learned that already, with Deval Patrick and Barack Obama and many others. Tito Jackson is a candidate and must be evaluated on the basis of what he has done and what he says he will do. If a white or black candidate runs in District 7, use the same criteria to evaluate him/her; it doesn't matter the color, it matters what they will really do for you. It might help to set up a comparison sheet, with important community issues, and ask each candidate how he will address them. Ask the candidates very specific questions, like, Will you work to get rid of the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) and make a real planning department for Boston? Will you support increasing the number of charter schools (which takes away money from the public schools and busts the teachers' union)? Will you trade away community plans and zoning protections to get "public benefits" from developers? Do you support tax breaks for corporations to "create jobs" and "keep them from moving"? Those are four questions that tell me pretty much all I need to know to predict what that candidate will do if he gets into office. I'm sure there are others that community people will want to see on that sheet.


    Your hastily written posts about Tito Jackson are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. How can your factual and financial analysis be trusted when you don’t even spell check your writing? I understand the desperation you must be feeling as a supporter of Cornell Mills. However, that is no excuse for sloppy work.


  3. Jed H

    Stephanie, I have the exact same Excel spreadsheets as Jamarhl and would be happy to send them to you. Or, you can go to the State's OCPF site and download and analyze the numbers yourself.

    Your talking about spelling errors is an attempt to obfuscate and deflect, in the sense that you're implying that similar math errors were made calculating these numbers. While there is usually "outside money" in every campaign, it is a HUGE jump to get to Tito's appalling ratios of in-D7 to outside-D7 contributions or expenditures.

    Your only other choice (besides burying your head in the sand, OR accepting the facts about your guy) is to level the charge that the numbers are outright fake… but you haven't done that so far. And that would be silly to even think we'd do that, considering that Jamarhl, myself and others have consistently posted the links to the source data (official site of the state's Office of Campaign & Political Finance) AND encouraged people to check it out themselves.

    "Desperate?" I actually supported someone else who didn't make the ballot. But, meeting Cornell and learning more about him won me over. You forget that this isn't our last shot at Tito. I'm not saying that we don't plan on winning on Tuesday, but the idea that our back is against some wall is wrong. Cornell has a political future no matter what happens Tuesday.

    The real "desperate" here would be Tito. If he blows this, if he doesn't manage to win, all of the wind in his lofty sails disappears. I admired his citywide 2009 campaign, as did many, but he didn't win. If that happens again, the public's expectations and hype PLUMMETS.

    By the way Stephanie, I live in District 7, as does Jamarhl. Do you? Because every time I look up one of Tito's supporters on Twitter, for example, they don't live in the District!

    Feel free to contact me directly at hresko@gmail.com or 617.510.6213 if you'd like. I have no problem with transparency.

    Jed Hresko