May 19, 2024

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What Was Said… Michael Curry (NAACP) & Jamarhl Crawford

What Was Said 3

What Was Said… Michael Curry (NAACP) & Jamarhl Crawford
What Was Said 3

The Blackstonian is introducing a new segment “What Was Said” where we will whenever possible, provide the actual audio clips of hot topics and discussions that the community is buzzing about.

This will be an effort to reduce the game of “telephone” we all play when we try to explain to family, friends and co-workers about a discussion we heard on the radio, tv or even the bus. You know how the game goes… the further the story goes the more distorted it gets from the original.

To clear up this type of confusion and misinformation we will have the actual audio so people can hear for themselves What Was Said

In this third What Was Said
We will revisit a conversation that happened on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 on TOUCH 106.1 FM in which someone mistakenly attributed some comments to Jamarhl Crawford which prompted Michael Curry to call in. Curry made many comments regarding Jamarhl Crawford specifically, which then prompted Crawford to call in.

The conversation has been the subject of much speculation around town with many people suspecting a “feud” between Curry & Crawford.

Here is the audio. Listen for yourself.

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