June 24, 2024

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Neo-Nazi Spaulding update: Interview with witness of Hate-Crime attack

Josiah A. Spaulding III

Neo-Nazi Spaulding update: Interview with witness of Hate-Crime attack
Josiah A. Spaulding III

from the Publisher: Jamarhl Crawford

In November of 2002, neo-nazi skinhead Josiah A. Spaulding III, son of Wang Center Director Josiah Spaulding jr., brutally attacked 3 teenage Black & Cape Verdean girls in the MBTA concourse in Downtown Boston. This was the feature story in the very first issue of the Blackstonian 10 years ago. At the time, I was the Boston Chapter Chairman and National Minister of Information for the New Black Panther Party and our local chapter worked feverishly on this issue. We reached out to the young ladies who were victimized and assisted them in every way we could, we conducted searches in Harvard Sq. for Spaulding’s neo-nazi skinhead gang and we conducted intensive research on Spaulding revealing his blue-blood lineage tracing all the way back to the Mayflower and his family connections to both the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital as well as the Shattuck Hospital (The Spaulding and Shattuick Families were joined in marriage in ye old days).

Now in 2012, a decade after this Hate Crime, I came in contact with one of the witnesses to this attack by a chance meeting and an example of what a small world (especially in Boston) we live in. The witness and I met via Boston Hip-Hop MC Catch Wreck who joined a band “Sweatshop” for which the witness is a member.

This interview represents coming full circle and hopefully provides some closure for this tragic event.
If anyone in the Blackstonian family knows the whereabouts of Josiah A. Spaulding III please let us know via email or call 617-297-7721.

Here is a video of our exclusive interview with the witness. If you want more background on the case please see the link underneath the video.

For a review of the case when it happened as compiled by the New Black Panther Party Boston Chapter (now defunct)

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The Blackstonian Community News Service - Black Boston 411 24/7. @Blackstonian on twitter. Like our page on Facebook.

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  1. Regina


    I just watched your interview with Mark Vincent on the heinous Hate Crime made on the young women by Josiah Spaulding aka Lars. I knew Lars in the run up to this attack. I can provide more info about this guy if you’re still interested in this story. In my horror after learning about what Lars did, I wrote this article in the Boston Globe http://www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/letters/articles/2006/08/29/readers_cast_verdict_on_unusual_spaulding_sentence/



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