April 24, 2024

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Boston Herald Covers Disparity in Response to Shootings Since Boston Marathon


We have been working with to keep track of and map all of the shootings (fatal and non-fatal) in Boston that have occurred since the 2013 Boston Marathon on April 15 and other media sources are picking up on the difference in coverage. In an article entitled “Eagan: Deaths show sad double standard” Margery Eagan points out the lack of popular and media support in the less high profile violence that persists in Boston.

There’s been 70 little-noticed shootings in Boston since the marathon, report police and Blackstonian, community activist Jamarhl Crawford’s website. He’s reported daily on the disparate treatment of the two tragedies. – See more at: bostonherald.com

Read the full Boston Herald article

See the coverage of shootings

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  1. Charles

    Though you’re right about this particular Herald story (us Eagan ain’t that bad), The Herald is a bastion of right-wing, yellow journalism, whose solution to problems in African-American & Black communities would probably worsen the people’s condition.

    Why don’t they mention the exorbitant violence that takes place in communities of color OUTSIDE of Boston, in Lynn, Lawrence, Chelsea, Worcester, Brockton, etc. These places are near warzones compared to Bean, so let’s not go suckin’ off the Herald just yet.

    1. Blackstonian

      If you have been reading what we publish, you will know that we are heavily critical of ALL media. Why would we post a Herald article such as this? Because the article is based on and prompted by the work that WE did right here on the Blackstonian. That is what made that story relevant for the Blackstonian. Your description of a war zone I don’t think is accurate. Yes there are killings and shootings in the places you mention, but the focus of the article was Boston and related to the Boston Marathon in terms of response to violence. I don’t think any of those places has violence at the rate or to the extreme that Boston does. I would have to look at some data but I am confident that those area, even with the violence, are as bad as Boston. But hey 1 killing is too much.

      If you have read what we publish you will see on many occasions that we have been critical of the Herald, writers, columnists, administration and certainly their comment posters. One thing you need to pay attention to though is your last comment “so let’s not go suckin’ off the Herald just yet.”
      I don’t like that for a few reasons. 1) it’s crude 2) we don’t and I have never been suckin’ off on any individual or institution so don’t get it twisted 3) I don’t let people talk to me like that so be mindful because the connotations of what you are saying will get you blocked lickety-split.

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