April 24, 2024

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Recent round of BPD promotions raises concerns

Ed Davis

Blackstonian Editor’s Note: Currently, BPD Commissioner Davis is being considered for a top-level position within the Department of Homeland Security. It is incumbent upon us to research and study cases like these in order to determine for ourselves if the Commissioner has done a good job for the City of Boston. BPD Commissioner Davis’ commitment to diversity came into question upon his recent round of promotions in which he awarded 5 Officers the position of Sergeant and not one was a person of color (4 White males, 1 White female).

UPDATE: As of 4:09pm Commissioner Davis revisited this issue and promoted William Baxter and Robert Ward, both black males.

Ed Davis

submitted via MAMLEO (MA Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers)

Councilors, Elected Officials & Community Leaders,

Commissioner Davis has decided to promote the following officers to the rank of sergeant:

1. Officer John Hynes
2. Officer Beth Donovan
3. Officer Christopher Morgan
4. Officer John McNulty
5. Officer John Fitzgerald

None of the above officers are people of color. The commissioner & chief have talked a good game regarding diversity but as you can see they need to be judged on results. The last promotional class was virtually all white male officers!

We have the following officers of color in the same grade (score) that weren’t even considered! Now is the time to help change this. Tomorrow will be too late.

1. Officer Delores Facey
2. Officer William Baxter
3. Officer Edwin Guzman
4. Officer David Melvin
5. Officer Andrew Johnson
6. Officer Damon Gibbs
7. Officer Susan Edghil
8. Officer Adrian Worrell
9. Officer Robert J. Ward

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  1. Valerie owen

    I know one of the officers that was not considered. She is always a top scorere on the tests.

  2. c mills

    Nothing like a little pressure to cause a change of heart. Both those officers should thank you. At what point do we realize that agitation brings results.

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