May 20, 2024

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Felix the Cat: Character & Loyalty in question

felix cat

Felix the Cat: Character & Loyalty in question

felix cat

Boston City Councillor At-Large Felix Arroyo is currently running for Mayor of Boston.  In that pursuit he is asking the people of the City of Boston for support.  In order to decide whether or not the voters of Boston will support Felix Arroyo the Blackstonian wanted to provide the community with information that will help you determine Arroyo’s trustworthiness, character and loyalty.

Arroyo has long proclaimed that Chuck Turner was one of his “mentors” and “close friends” and many of us are aware that Felix Arroyo began his career in politics working in Councillor Turner’s City Hall Office.  However in Felix Arroyo’s campaign materials and bio there is no mention of Chuck Turner whatsoever. Its as if Chuck Turner never existed.

His bio when he first began his campaign stated that he started his political career at SEIU which many people know came AFTER his time at Councillor Turner’s office.  Currently, Arroyo has completely sanitized his bio from his campaign page so you are being asked for your vote without even a thorough biography of the candidate.

In order to provide information to the community we wanted to share the following 2 videos.

1. First, is a recent video from 7/22 during the Greatest Minds Mayoral Forum held in Grove Hall’s Flames Restaurant. The Blackstonian had the opportunity to question Arroyo on diversity in his staff and divesting City of Boston funds from Florida in response to Zimmerman not guilty verdict. Arroyo was also asked if he has had any contact with Turner during his incarceration and if he or anyone else apologized for voting Turner off the City Council now that a court of law has determined that they were all wrong except for Yancey who was the only one who did not take that vote and warned against it.

2. Secondly, is video from the Dec. 2010 Boston City Council Hearing on the ouster of Chuck Turner. Here we have specifically taken just the testimony of Felix Arroyo.  If you would like to see the entire hearing please click here.

About The Author

Jamarhl Crawford is the Publisher / Editor of the Blackstonian. @jamarhlakauno on twitter.

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  1. right on

    YES! PLEASE TELL ME YOU WILL BE EXPOSING AYANNA PRESSLEY NEXT!? She made the same exact vote as Felix did… oh wait nope you endorsed her for City Council instead… hmmmmmm

    1. Blackstonian

      ummmmmmm… yeah…. EVERY Councillor except Charles Yancey made that same decision on the vote to oust Chuck and they were all wrong. The difference is, none of them had the close relationship that Arroyo did and therefore it goes beyond an error in judgment and really is a betrayal and an indicator of character, loyalty and integrity.

    2. Blackstonian

      and by the way too… I don’t know how internet savvy you are but heads up… when you post here with your aliases and multiple accounts you do realize that it shows your IP address and I always know its you. To avoid what looks cowardly I would suggest that you attach your name to comments like I do and then we are on an even ground.

  2. Jameek

    Didn’t you endorse Henriquez & Mills against Turner, including the year he was ousted?

    If that video was supposed to be “hard hitting” you need to try harder. Let’s see so far you’ve attacked Tito, you apparently think Felix should lead some kind of Trayvon divestment, but not enough to ask other councilors like yancey or Ayanna, whom you endorsed.

    I smell bs and personal vendettas. With articles like this you’re not doing your site any favors.

    PS promoting the blackstonian as a “news” site then using it for cheap shots and vendettas is weak and an indicator of pettiness.

    1. Blackstonian

      I’ll give you 1 bit of credit. You at least use your own name and that makes you not a coward.

      Your facts are off however.

      – Yes I endorsed Henriquez against Turner, 2 times in fact. I have been a supporter of Turner’s on some issues and a critic on others, at the time Turner had already 10 yrs in and I felt that Carlos could rep D7 better and we needed some new blood. I stand by that and as a voter and taxpayer that is my right and I endorsed my friend of 12 years if that is ok with you.

      – Mills never ran against Turner. Mills ran AFTER Turner was ousted in the special election to fill the vacant seat and yes I endorsed my friend of 25+ years if thats ok with you. Turner endorsed Tito.

      – Video not hard hitting? I don’t think you get the nuances. The point is not who is for or against Turner the point is that FELIX has described Turner as his “Mentor & Friend” which means that when he voted to oust Turner and didnt have to that is weak character and betrayal of loyalty. On top of that, Turner your “Mentor & Friend” is locked up for almost 3 yrs and you have no contact? No letter? No b-day card? No apology for taking the wrong vote after the court decides it was unjust? AND you make almost 90k per year and didnt even send Turner $10 on his commissary? That’s just plain punk stuff. So the videos are only there so people can see and hear for themselves from Felix’s own mouth. It’s called backing up my words with proof.

      – Divestment from Florida for Trayvon case: You actually have no idea what I do or don’t do. The issue of divestment has been presented to Arroyo, Yancey and Jackson and all the other Councillor’s are aware of it as well. The reason I proposed that Felix take the lead on it is A) He’s running for Mayor B) I think he is weak in support of “African-American” issues and concerns. C) Because he already led a similar effort based on Arizona immigration policies.
      It’s really pretty simple and logical apparently you miss the point and make it like this is some half-baked out of left field scheme. You’re wrong on that.

      – Yes I endorsed Ayanna and feel as I did then and will and have endorsed her again currently. What’s the issue? If you are implying that I gave her a pass on Turner that’s not so. She is aware I disagreed with that vote, that 1 vote, but its not the same as Felix because Ayanna did not have a close and lengthy personal relationship with Turner as Arroyo did. She got it wrong on that time and I believe it was a horrible time for all on the council. Yancey was the ONLY one who got it right, but Felix is the ONLY one who threw his “Mentor & Friend” under the bus.

      – You may smell BS and Personal vendettas but you are wrong again. Personals? I didn’t grow up with any of these people, no one here stole my 10th grade girlfriend or beat me up and took my lunch. I have no personals with any of these people because we don’t have a personal relationship. What you are witnessing is critique of public figures and elected officials by a concerned citizen, voter and tax payer. It’s called commentary plain and simple. As always you may not like what I say but please point out what is factually untrue in what I present.

      – Blackstonian is indeed a news site. Don’t take my word for it just look at all the news we have broke and stories that we have originated which then go to the Globe, the Herald, Associated Press, Reuters, NY Times, Washington Post not to mention Radio and TV. It is indeed a news site and the kicker is, we’re not even a business. This is just a site that I developed and with the help of a small team we have made it into a giant. You may say I’m not doing my site any favors but our google analytics numbers and hits on stories say different. You may think these are cheap shots and vendettas but you are just wrong. You don’t get it. Apparently you have no issue when I do the same to Ed Davis, Menino, Dan Conley, etc. it seems to be just Felix that bothers you. I’ve never been accused of being either weak or petty. That is a first.

      – For someone who doesn’t like this site, you sure are here a lot. Should you just stop visiting it or should I just block you from making these comments that make me have to respond and waste valuable time?

      If you want to have further convo, save both of our finger strength and just call 617-297-7721

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