June 18, 2024

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Boston among top 10 most economically segregated cities in America

According to Business Insider, a recent PEW study found Boston to be one of the 10 most economically segregated cities in the nation scoring 36 on Pew’s Residential Income Segregation Index.

10 – Boston
9 – Atlanta
8 – Chicago
7 – DC
6 – Miami
5 – Philadelphia
4 – LA
3 – NY
2 – Dallas
1 –  Houston

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  1. Valerie owen

    Unfortunately We have so many non profit community development corporations that just keep building housing in the. Same areas.areas that have no real opportunities for a good education and and employment. I believe the logic behind the section 8 program was to integrate low income families into middle class communities. Now We have a bunch of greedy developers making money from others misfortune. What is normal everyday life in sections of Roxbury and Dorchester is situations that children in other communities only see on T.V. We have to stop trapping people.

  2. Fitz

    Why not just list the most populated cities? Oh wait, that’s what they’ve done. Of course income disparity and prosperous enclaves will become more pronounced, if not thrive, in these concentrations of (ahem) diversity and Capital. Does the “order” really matter. The problem is systemic, pervasive, and ineradicable.

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