May 20, 2024

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UPDATE: Mysterious & Controversial Posters Popping Up Around Dudley

UPDATE: I have been informed that this is a campaing by artist who are youth of color. This poster is also a postcard which features a back with more information. I was given the postcard by Blackstonian Fam and here it is:

The Poster which has the caption “Is a Nigga a Citizen?” has left many wondering who is the person responsible for putting them there and what is the overall message? Is this an attempt by an artist to evoke conversation and raise social awareness? Or is this just another incident of blatant racism in post-racial Amerikkka?

At one point, there was a group several years ago who used a similar technique using wheat paste to attach images to several buildings in a campaign as they said to address “homophobia” in the Black community. Is this the same group on another mission or is this straight racism???

Blackstonian fam BE ON THE LOOKOUT!
We want to find out WHO is doing this and WHY???
If this is some racist individual then all bets are off and they may receive some Roxbury street justice.

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  1. sun

    just a bit of fact checking. I was part of the duo that did the wheat pasting a few years back and at no time did I or my collaborator say the project was about homophobia in the black community. The project was about invisibility and came from a conversation I had with councilor Jackson. I asked him why when he and his colleagues “go to the LGBTQ community” they only go to the white LGBTQ community? I and my collaborator sought to bring pride to the community rather than needing to show our pride within the context of white, male pride which is pretty much what Boston’s Pride parade had been about for decades.

    Soledad Boyd

  2. sun

    …Also, the wheatpasting project was in multiple neighborhoods (Grove Hall, Dudley, Jamaica Plain, and Back Bay, and two cities, Boston and Cambridge.

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