June 18, 2024

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Controversial Racist Video Featuring BPD Officer (FULL VIDEO)

BPD officials condemn racist video featuring patrolman

By Dan Atkinson

Police are investigating a video containing racist remarks that allegedly involves a Hub patrolman that “couldn’t have come at a worse time,” according to a leader of the city’s minority officers’ union.

The video, a copy of which was obtained by the Herald, is in the style of a humorous movie trailer, describing a police officer and a “dog with a limp” as partners “in the fight between good and evil.” The video names the officer and shows photos and brief video clips of him – including an image of him in a uniform and photos of BPD sawhorses – and also crudely makes fun of the cop.

At the conclusion, text in the video reads “This summer, black people have met their match.”

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    1. MA

      How anyone could not see this as racist is beyond me. A white cop made a video about being on patrol, and the tag line is “This summer Black people have me their match.” How is this NOT racist?

      1. Brian Evangelista

        Because More Black people commit crimes per capita than any other group of people in America. Just look at their culture look at their music look at the drugs. You’d be ignorant to say that crime isn’t a part of black culture with the No Snitching policy and everything. They glorify gangs and drugs and they actually commit those crimes far more than any other group of people. So ya it’s funny because he’s stereotyping all black people but we all know that that isn’t he fact. That’s why it’s funny. It’s like if I said a traffic cop was pulling over Asian drivers. You know what humor is right? Taking a stereotype and labeling an entire group. That’s called humor. Take your safe spaces and hatespeech and go make your own country if you want to be a fascist.

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