June 18, 2024

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Rep. Carlos Henriquez calls on BPD & leaders to address post-Marathon violence

rep. carlos henriquez
rep. carlos henriquezPress Release
State Representative Carlos Henriquez

Contacts: Danielson Tavares Danielson.Tavares@mahouse.gov
T: (617) 722-2396  Fax (617) 722 0330
For Immediate Release
State Representative Carlos Henriquez calls on BPD & fellow community leaders to immediate action
May 20, 2013
In the wake of recovery around the Boston Marathon bombing, over 2 dozen shootings and several homicides have taken place, many brazenly in broad day.
Two of the young men recently laid to rest had personal ties with the Representative through neighborhood work with Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative. “I cannot and will not sit idle while children and young adults are slain on city streets, as a community we are failing, as a city, we are only as strong as our weakest link.” “My heart breaks when I see the trauma on their friends and family’s faces.” “When we understand that we share the responsibility for our neighbors and their children, we will be able to build community.”
I am calling on my colleagues in city, state and federal government to meet with the Boston Police Department, Boston Center for Youth & Families, Public Health, to develop a short and long term plan to significantly reduce violence.
It is the Representative’s goal to create and outline steps of action through the summer with leadership, then present to the community the plan and ask them to partner in the effort. Everyone needs to know what the plan is and what the resources are that can be brought to bear to achieve our goal of reducing violence in a measurable way.###

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