May 24, 2024

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New Crime Data from BPD is Good News / Bad News


BPD Crime Data released today comparing this year to last year as of August 6, 2013 was a mixed bag of good and bad news. Arrests are up but so is violent crime.

On the one hand firarm arrests are up 19% over last year but on the other, homicides are still up over 41% and non-fatal shootings are up over 9% compared to last year. While the number of arrests have increased Boston still has a long way to go from having one of the lowest clearance rates in the country (read more on that in our Wrap Up on “Dirty” Dan Conley)

Part One Crime Data by Districts 08-6-2013
Firearm Arrest 08-6-2013
Shooting Data 08-6-2013


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